Prepared for the Flashpocalypse
[August 9, 2019]  7:51 PM

Support for Flash Player will be officially discontinued by the end of next year. Considering nearly every creation I’ve posted online has been made in Flash, I’ve been asked what this will mean for my work.

Newgrounds has done their part in helping to preserve a large part of Internet history by building its own Flash Player, available for download here.

As great as that is, I decided I wanted to prepare my website for the future a different way, so as of now, all Flash content has been converted into either MP4s or executables. Newgrounds and YouTube links remain unchanged.

I haven’t done any extensive testing with this yet, so let me know on Twitter or by email if there are any mistakes with this setup, or if there is something I should consider changing about it in the future.

- Jonochrome

Annual Update?
[February 11, 2018]  4:57 PM

Boy howdy, it’s been too long.

I only really intended to update my Top 10 Favorite Games list on the About page, which is now a sprawling Top 25 list instead, but then I noticed the FAQ needed updating, as well, and that my last post here was about eleven months ago.

So, for starters, here is a list of introspective YouTube videos I’ve posted to my main channel in the past year:

Mar 27 | Originality is Overrated [10:16]
Sep 21 | Results [10:08]
Sep 25 | My Center [7:05]
Nov 23 | The Lesson of Zelda: Untitled Comic [5:06]
Dec 25 | My Time Machine [21:32]

If it isn’t apparent from watching those videos, I’ve been struggling with my creative identity for a long time, and I’ve been making a fierce effort to set my art brain straight lately, or at least straighter.  And, of course, much of my second-guessing is directly related to my age-old work-in-progress game, Project Comet.

Game developers will often tell you not to jump right into developing your magnum opus, and some will tell you to abandon the idea of trying to develop a magnum opus altogether.  I don’t agree with this mentality, because I believe the greatest results come from following your inspiration, and aiming high is an excellent way to learn new techniques and become more discerning about your work.

But it’s true that if you go into a project with a goal like mine, “Make what could be your new favorite game,” it can become a quest in which you spend years doubting yourself and getting little to nothing done.  One question I’ve constantly asked myself is, “What aspect of game design do I value most?” because I want to prioritize whatever that is and design the rest of the game around it.  The problem is, it seems like my answer to this question changes from day to day or from week to week.

I’ve lived in fear of designing a bad game, because in a weird way, some of the games that bore, annoy, or offend me are not all that different from games I love and defend. It’s also hard for me to grasp that I shouldn’t feel ashamed to have some unpopular design philosophy–harder still when the shame clouds my vision.

There’s not much of a “But the good news is…” ending to this story, because I continue to wrestle with my motivations.

But the good news is, I know there’s hope, and I’ve seen it in the form of a game called Iconoclasts, made by Joakim Sandberg over the course of seven years and conceptualized by him even longer.  It’s the most similar a game has ever come to the project bouncing in my head (while still being pretty different), it was made entirely by just one guy, and through countless hours of hard work and dedication, it’s finished.

My resolution this year was to stop worrying so much about making my game look and feel finished until it’s actually close to being finished.  Still haven’t fully adjusted to this mentality, but I believe it’s helped me so far.  Here’s to another year.

- Jonochrome

Biannual Update
[March 14, 2017]  9:48 PM

Normal excuses.  College.  Busy on game.  I’m always active on Twitter.

Today’s update is, the first Crap Game Compilation was removed from Newgrounds pretty recently, because Newgrounds has been cracking down on content containing copyrighted music.  Crap Game Compilation used an excerpt of “Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles.  I’d been meaning to upload the game to my site so that it would still be playable online, but I didn’t want to do so without replacing the audio, so I made a bad cover this afternoon, and now you can play the game again here.

It’s been sort of a “catch-up” day, and I have several things I need to do.  But once I’m done, I’m considering making a video about a topic that’s been on my mind lately, which would go up on my YouTube channel.

To be honest, I generally haven’t had as much fun making games or animations as I did when I first started.  I’ve still been motivated to work, just not inspired enough to really do much with my motivation.  There has been a lot of talk from YouTubers lately about forcing positivity, or otherwise forcing content that they feel will be most satisfying for others, and I think over the past few years, I’ve been suffering symptoms of that, just in a way I haven’t noticed.  Now I’ve developed a new mentality that is already serving to be very helpful to me.  Hopefully I’ll be able to discuss it in more detail soon.

So yeah that’s it.

- Jonochrome

[August 19, 2016]  2:09 PM

If you’ve seen any of my tweets for the past week or two, you’d know that my parents and I have been moving into a new house, which meant a lot of heavy-lifting of furniture and countless boxes packed with paraphernalia, along with many long hours of driving.  Now the most frustrating part of the process is over, and the bulk of what remains is unpacking and organizing all the stuff in the boxes scattered throughout our new home.  I think it’s a grand improvement over where we’ve been living for the past decade.

Part of the reason for moving is that it gives me the a chance to go to a university where I’ll be able to finish getting my degree, which used to be in fine arts, but now I can major in animation, more in line with my style of work.

I’m hoping to get back on track with my large-scale platformer soon, which still has no official name and is just being called Project Comet for now.  Here’s a screenshot that will probably be a fair bit more detailed by the time the game is done in the year 2216.


- Jonochrome

#1 Game of May 2016, Developer Commentaries
[June 8, 2016]  6:12 PM

It looks like Riddle Transfer 2 was the top-rated game of May 2016 on Newgrounds! On top of that, my friend’s fan remake of the first game got the #2 spot.  It’s been a very good month for Riddle School.

I’ve gone and added a walkthrough for Riddle Transfer 2 to its place in the Games section, and also linked to my recent developer commentaries for each game in the series.  (If you only watch one of those, I personally recommend watching the one for the final game, even though it’s 48 minutes long.)

- Jonochrome

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