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[May 29, 2016]  5:05 PM

One of the issues I’ve always had in updating this website is that if I ever have something to say that would be suitable for a news post on the home page, I have to edit the html with all its messy brackets and replace the index php file, and it was just generally inconvenient.  Now, I’ve managed to incorporate WordPress into the news posts, so this should mean all the news I post from here on out will be forever available (instead of older posts getting deleted to make room for new ones), and it will be easier for me to make updates like this more often.  I’m still sorta figuring out how it works.

Since my previous post no longer exists, I’ll re-post it here:


The 10th Anniversary of Riddle School (posted on May 25, 2016)

As of today, Riddle School has been on the Internet for ten years, and I felt inspired to patch up the wide-open cliffhanger at the end of Riddle Transfer.


Riddle Transfer 2 has finally been released.

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I plan to make an update to this site in the near future to arrange the Games page a little differently, since by creating this game under my current alias, Jonochrome, as well as my past alias, JonBro, the line between those two separate eras of my Internet life have been blurred, and I’m thinking maybe I don’t need to separate them as much as I once thought. The One Night at Flumpty’s games will also be put back with this update, along with my latest little Undertale fan game called Undercook. And I should stop procrastinating on putting the Leisure Replays back, too. Goodness, I gotta make up for my general lack of updates.

- Jonochrome

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