[August 19, 2016]  2:09 PM

If you’ve seen any of my tweets for the past week or two, you’d know that my parents and I have been moving into a new house, which meant a lot of heavy-lifting of furniture and countless boxes packed with paraphernalia, along with many long hours of driving.  Now the most frustrating part of the process is over, and the bulk of what remains is unpacking and organizing all the stuff in the boxes scattered throughout our new home.  I think it’s a grand improvement over where we’ve been living for the past decade.

Part of the reason for moving is that it gives me the a chance to go to a university where I’ll be able to finish getting my degree, which used to be in fine arts, but now I can major in animation, more in line with my style of work.

I’m hoping to get back on track with my large-scale platformer soon, which still has no official name and is just being called Project Comet for now.  Here’s a screenshot that will probably be a fair bit more detailed by the time the game is done in the year 2216.


- Jonochrome

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