Prepared for the Flashpocalypse
[August 9, 2019]  7:51 PM

Support for Flash Player will be officially discontinued by the end of next year. Considering nearly every creation I’ve posted online has been made in Flash, I’ve been asked what this will mean for my work.

Newgrounds has done their part in helping to preserve a large part of Internet history by building its own Flash Player, available for download here.

As great as that is, I decided I wanted to prepare my website for the future a different way, so as of now, all Flash content has been converted into either MP4s or executables. Newgrounds and YouTube links remain unchanged.

I haven’t done any extensive testing with this yet, so let me know on Twitter or by email if there are any mistakes with this setup, or if there is something I should consider changing about it in the future.

- Jonochrome

(If parts of this site appear missing or incomplete, try downloading the latest version of Flash Player.)